Accessories to complement your PLANEX Drywall Sander.

You will be pleased to find that Festool thought carefully about the challenges you might face when using your PLANEX Drywall Sander and created solutions to help overcome them. Below, we have listed some of our more popular accessories along with replacement items, such as abrasives, bags and filters.

See your preferred Festool dealer for complete details and product availability.

PLANEX Extension Section

Extend the length of your PLANEX Drywall Sander by 20" (0.5 meters) with this extension section. Joins to other sections quickly and easily with two locking latches. The PLANEX Drywall Sander comes standard with one extension section included.

Product Number 495 169

Support Harness

The optional support harness is an excellent choice if you work overhead for extended periods. The fully adjustable harness has a pouch that holds the PLANEX Drywall Sander handle and an auxiliary handle to reduce fatigue and improve control. Includes the harness, mounting pole and auxiliary handle in a Systainer MAXI carrying case.

Product Number 496 911

Replacement Pad

Replacement pad for the PLANEX Drywall Sander. The same pad that comes standard with the unit.

Product Number 495 168


Replacement sanding pad as well as a special soft sanding pad set with two interface pads, perfect for more delicate curves and contours.

Product Number 496 106

PLANEX Interface Pad, 2-Pack

The foam interface pad allows the Planex's sanding pad to conform to irregular shapes, like rounded corners.

Product Number 496 140

Festool Granat Abrasives

A premium abrasive composed of hardened Aluminum Oxide and Ceramic Grit for scratch resistant coatings, drywall compound and plaster. Box of 25 sheets, available in a variety of grits.

Product Number 499634, P40
499635, P60
499636, P80
499637, P100
499638, P120
499639, P150
499640, P180
499641, P220
499642, P240
499643, P320

Festool Brilliant Abrasives

General purpose drywall sanding abrasives. Box of 25 sheets, available in a variety of grits.

Product Number 495 929, P80
495 930, P100
495 931, P120
495 066, P150
495 067, P180
495 068, P220
495 932, P240

Festool Saphir Abrasives

Abrasives for the toughest, most challenging surfaces. Box of 25 sheets, available in a variety of grits.

Product Number 495 174, P24
495 175, P36

Festool CT 36 AutoClean (AC)

This specially designed dust extractor incorporates an automated filter cleaning mechanism to ensure full suction and to prevent the filter from becoming clogged with drywall dust. Variable speed suction, variable filter cleaning timer, antistatic 36mm hose, and automatic tool triggered operation are standard features. View the specifications for the CT 36 AutoClean or read frequently asked questions.

Product Number 584 014

PLANEX Dust Extractor Mount

This mount attaches to the top of a Festool CT Dust Extractor, no tools required. It allows the PLANEX to be stored on top of the dust extractor and is particularly useful for changing abrasives and pads since it can hold the PLANEX in a pad-up orientation.

Product Number 495 964

CT AutoClean Blast Gate

Give your filter a deeper cleaning and contain all the dust with a simple flick of the sliding closure.

Product Number 497 926

High-Performance Filter

Replacement High-Performance filter for the CT 36 AutoClean. Filters 99.9% of particles down to 1 micron in size. Includes one filter.

Product Number 496 172

Disposable Dust Liners

Sanding drywall creates a lot of dust. These open-face, disposable collection liners provide an easy and convenient means to dispose of the mess. Pack of 5 liners.

Product Number 496 215

TP 220 Wallpaper Remover

Remove single or multiple layers of wallpaper with ease. Adjustable penetration depth protects the subsurface from being damaged. Telescoping handle allows for use on high walls and ceilings. Lightweight design means less fatigue.

Product Number 495 747